Tuesday, 31 May 2011

You May Not Pass Go

Something just hit me tonight as I innocently tried to make a bank transfer from my account to another account - my memory is shit. On a good day I can remember how old I am, and on an excellent day I remember to subtract a couple of years whenever I am asked how old I am. Trying to complete what should be a simple task of moving a bit of cash about threw up a whole lot of memory-busting barriers.

Sort code?! Account number?! Security number?! Digital banking security number?! I panicked as all these empty fields screamed at me "You must remember me?! You created me last year!"

On my first go I typed what I thought was the right codes. Access denied. My second go I tried to think hard, then just typed the EXACT same code (thinking this time the complex security system would just let me through for showing sheer persistence). Access denied. Then I tried to be clever. "I shall hover my fingers over the keyboard and my fingers will find the right letter/numbers. My fingers are wise". Access Denied. Shit.

After admitting defeat and deciding I really did have to trawl through my endless pieces of paper that looked too important to bin (<--that or I just couldn't be arsed shredding my details a trillion times over) I found the oh-so-important codes and was set to continue my task.

Access granted. Yes! Online banking is my bitch!

Oh...but wait. Now a new box awaited me - memorable name. Memorable name?! Think, think, think. It must be really memorable to me because, well, it says so. At this point I was ready to fly into a Tony Montana-style rage, the kind of rage that would scare Tyson. I was mainly mad at myself for not being able to remember a code I had purposely set up to remember at times like these.

I did eventually remember the code and manages to complete what should have taken 5 minutes. The moral of this story (rant) is...throwing important bits of paper around your room really does not help you remember anything other than what an arse it is to have to clear up your own destruction.